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‘Sh*t just got REAL’ in Oakland: Wear it

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The Beast Quake is hitting Oakland. Be wearing the proper attire.

Marshawn Lynch has a way with words. Wednesday he made his signing with the Raiders official as only he can, announcing the news, saying “Shit just got REAL. I had hella fun in Seattle... But Im really from Oakland doe... town bizzness breath on me.”

Well, ‘Shit just got REAL’ just got real. Cuz it’s now a T-shirt.

The T comes in black (and only black) with silver metallic writing.

Lynch is gonna bring that #TownBizzness breath with him as a major part of what expects to be a juggernaut Raiders offense this season. Shit definitely just got REAL.

Get your “Sh*t just got REAL” T-shirt right here.