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Raiders new additions get their jersey numbers

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Some we knew, some we didn’t. Marshawn Lynch was assured the number 24 upon signing, even receiving the blessing of Charles Woodson. Lynch is just the latest newly signed player in Oakland. They acquired him via trade with the Seahawks in exchange for the two teams swapping 5th and 6th round picks in 2018.

There are several free agents who signed with the team this offseason. They have completed the first two weeks of the offseason program and most of them will next take the field for OTA’s on March 23. These are the numbers they will wear when that day happens as announced on the Raiders official site.

No. 2 – K Giorgio Tavecchio

No. 3 – QB EJ Manuel

No. 24 – RB Marshawn Lynch

No. 45 – LB Andy Mulumba

No. 53 – LB Jelani Jenkins

No. 73 – OT Marshall Newhouse

No. 84 – WR/KR Cordarrelle Patterson

No. 87 – TE Jared Cook

Cook had joked when he was signed that he might have to try to bribe Amari Cooper to get the number 89 which Cook had worn throughout his career. There was never a serious thought that would happen.

With Patterson taking number 84, TE Cooper Helfet will now wear No. 83