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NFL draft trade: Chiefs bet the farm, jump up to 10 overall for QB Pat Mahomes

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The Chiefs are making their plans for the post-Alex Smith era, whenever that may be. They trade up to ten overall to get Texas Tech QB Pat Mahomes.

Not only do the Chiefs go with Mahomes over the likes of Deshaun Watson, they throw a major haul to the Bills to get the right to that pick.

The Bills receive the Chiefs pick at 27 overall along with the Chiefs’ third round pick (91 overall) in this draft and their first round pick in the 2018 draft.

Clearly the Chiefs wanted to get ahead of the Browns at 12 overall for fear Cleveland had its sights set on Mahomes as well after losing out to the Bears who traded up one pick to get Mitchell Trubisky at number two overall.

Poor Browns. Even with two picks in the top 12, they couldn’t get their hopeful franchise quarterback. The rumors now are they are looking to make a trade to acquire Washington’s franchise quarterback Kirk Cousins. If not, then perhaps Watson would be the pick. We’ll soon see.