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Raiders round 4 OT pick David Sharpe says reports of his near blindness in one eye greatly exaggerated

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Just when you thought Raiders newly draft tackle David Sharpe could pose inside the Raiders shield, he says the reports from Mike Mayock and others that he is nearly blind in his right eye are simply not true.

“I’m not blind. I’m not legally blind. The info is definitely false. All of it is false. Just had a little cataract removed when I was younger and just been battling that since I was young. But it doesn’t affect my play or vision or anything. I’m not blind thought.”

He went on to say that his right eye is “a little blurry, but not much.”

With the questions about his sight in his right eye, the assumption is that he could only play left tackle, but he says he could also play right tackle, saying “I believe I can play on both sides.”

If that’s true, it would be good news for the Raiders who would need him for competition on the right side until the left side comes available, possible after this season due to the likelihood of it being the final season of Donald Penn’s career with the Raiders.

The reports of his sight issues are fairly widespread and it would appear they are a bit overblown. It’s possible that contributed to the 6-6, 343-pound left tackle still being available on day three.

Jack Del Rio’s son Luke plays quarterback at Florida, so no doubt the Raiders had inside knowledge that contributed to their faith Sharpe was a solid selection here.