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Raiders 2017 undrafted free agent tracker

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I hope you didn’t think the end of the draft was the end of the fun. There is no break afterward as NFL teams are actively on the phones reeling in undrafted players. Here is the list so far.

All signing are unofficial unless noted otherwise.

Anthony Cioffi, S, Rutgers

Ahmad Thomas, S, Oklahoma

Pharaoh Brown, TE, Oregon

Keon Hatcher, WR, Arkansas

Isaac Whitney, WR, USC

Ishmael Zamora, WR, Baylor

Fadol Brown, DT, Ole Miss

Jordan Wade, DT, Oklahoma

Breon Borders, CB, Duke

Nicolas Morrow, S, Greenville

Jordan Simmons, OL, USC

Rickey Jefferson, DB, LSU

Paul Boyette Jr., DT, Texas

Anthony Kukwa, LS, Erie State

Chris Humes, CB, Arkansas State

Dwayne Norman, LB, Duke

Chauncey Briggs, OT, SMU

Xavier Woodson-Luster, LB, Arkansas State

Jimmy Bean, DE, Oklahoma State

Update: The above signings are now official and they have their numbers.

Reported tryouts:

Dan Williams, WR, Jackson State (tryout)

Seth Russell, QB, Baylor (tryout)

Bart Houston, QB Wisconsin (tryout)

Gary Brown, WR, Cal PA (tryout)

LaTroy Lewis, DE, Tennessee (tryout) — Signed

Nick Kurtz, WR, BYU (tryout)

Kareem Are, OG, FSU (tryout) — Signed

Deontae Cooper, RB, Washington (tryout)

Ryan Navarro, LS, Oregon State (tryout)

Dylan Wiesman, G, Tennessee (tryout)

Najee Harris, LB, Wagner College (tryout) — Signed

Chris Casher, DL, Faulkner/Florida State (tryout) — Signed

Marcus McWilson, S, Kentucky (tryout) — Signed

Brady Sheldon, LB, Ferris State (tryout) -- Signed