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Get your ‘Oakland: Birthplace of a Nation’ T-shirt here

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No matter where life takes you, you never forget where you came from. Rep the one and only original ‘Nation’ from where it all began with the ‘Oakland: Birthplace of a Nation’ T-shirt.

Whether you’re from Oakland or elsewhere, if you rep the Silver & Black, you’re all on the same side. You’re all part of the same Nation.

The T-shirt is black (of course) with silver/grey lettering including the 1960 date of inception. Then whether you are all about the move to Las Vegas or not, you can wear this T-shirt with pride. Because no matter where this franchise goes — Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Mars — it will always have its roots in Oakland. And that’s something they can never take away.

Next thing you know, a few years down the road, some young kid’s gonna be like, ‘Oakland, that’s old school right there.’

Click here to order your ‘Birthplace of a Nation’ T-shirt