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Tony Romo wont be coming to AFC West, become NFL analyst instead

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Even while last season was going on, the feeling around the league was that Tony Romo would be released by the Cowboys. His two most rumored landing spots were the Broncos and Texans. There was even a rumor at one point the the Chiefs could be interested. It turns out his landing spot is actually CBS.

The Chiefs rumor wasn’t talked about much. They have Alex Smith there, who is passable, but has yet to show he can put a team on his shoulders and go on any kind of playoff run.

Houston would have been a great place for Romo. He wouldn’t have even had to leave the state of Texas. The Texans have former 4th round pick Tom Savage they have been stashing, but if he were the answer, they wouldn’t have paid big money to the unproven Brock Osweiler last offseason. Oddly enough, Osweiler came over from the Broncos.

With Osweiler gone, the Broncos went with 2015 7th round pick, Trevor Siemian at quarterback over rookie top pick Paxton Lynch. And the defending champs promptly missed the playoffs.

The visions of Romo coming into Denver in the twilight of his career and taking the Broncos back to the promised land, just as Peyton Manning did, was enticing. It’s a dream that died Tuesday, forcing the Broncos to consider their options.

Those options are to roll with Siemian again, or hand the job over to 2016 first round pick (26 overall) Paxton Lynch.

Having a first round pick to lean on is a good option. With Romo not coming, the time is now for Lynch.