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Report: Marshawn Lynch at Raiders facility today

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With reports the Marshawn Lynch is at the Raiders facility today, could the ball get rolling on him joining the Silver & Black?

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In a rather exciting development, former NFL punter and recently signed Barstool Sports writer, Pat McAfee is reporting that Marshawn Lynch is at the Raiders Alameda Facility today.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the first rumblings came out that the Raiders were considering acquiring Lynch.

The stove heated up with reports Lynch was “definitely interested” in playing for the Raiders.

Lynch has been toying lately with the idea of coming out of retirement with the idea being that if he did, it would only be for his hometown Raiders.

The Seahawks still own his rights, so should he make his unretirement official, they would have to release him before he could sign elsewhere. And with his $9 million price tag combined with the team having signed Eddie Lacy already this offseason, there is every reason to believe they would release Lynch rather than carry his cap hit, which they can ill afford to do at this point.

This takes all the reports, innuendo, and speculation to the next step. That of the exploratory phase which means it’s possible the ball could get rolling quickly if the two sides like what they hear.

Update: Lynch tells Raiders he plans to un-retire