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Raiders reportedly have not paid parking revenue for at least 4 years, must be paid to play in Oakland in 2017

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While Mark Davis has been saying time and time again how Oakland did him wrong by raising the rent last season, it appears he’s been doing the Coliseum Board wrong for a few years now.

According to a report, the Raiders haven’t paid their Coliseum parking revenue in at least four years and their 2017 option for the Coliseum is no good if it remains unpaid.

The bill is now up to $800K which really isn’t a lot from the standpoint of an NFL team which pays more than that each year to one marginally talented free agent or draft pick.

That’s also just $200K per year which, combined with the cheap rent ($925K per year) the Raiders were paying prior to last season ($3.5 million), there’s really no excuse for not having been paying it.

What’s really surprising is this may have gone on for much longer than 4 years and the Coliseum Board somehow never knew about it.

The question undoubtedly weighing on people’s minds right now is if this is just the Coliseum Board trying to conjure up a way to force the Raiders out of town. They say that is not the case, that they have no intention of doing that.

Who knows how far back this has gone. Something tells me the $800K is a dwarfed by the amount they got away with no paying over the years.

Parking revenue shouldn’t be much of an issue in Las Vegas. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of parking.