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Marshawn Lynch tells Raiders he plans to un-retire

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Marshawn Lynch is visiting the Raiders today in what was being called an exploratory meeting. As the story develops, Lynch is said to have told the Raiders he does indeed plan to unretire, according to Ian Rapoport.

The first news this offseason that connected the Raiders to Lynch came from the Raiders’ side of things. Whether the interest is completed is said to be up to Jack Del Rio. If he signs off, the wheels go in motion.

Both Del Rio and Lynch are Oakland natives, and the Raiders have a need for specifically the kind of talent Lynch brings to the table. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be interest from Del Rio.

And for those who are wondering, yes Derek Carr is said to be in the building doing his usual recruitment duties. Not that Lynch would need much recruiting. If he’s come this far, he’s clearly serious already about playing for his hometown Raiders.