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Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode clothing line now features Silver & Black Oakland football gear

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As of yesterday, you could go to the Beast Mode online store and find a lot of cool gear. I was literally just there yesterday. Some had the signature Beast Mode grizzly and many were in the signature Beast Mode black and gold.

There was also some that had the color scheme of his former team, the Seahawks. Today, there were some newly featured items that may soon be of considerable interest to fans of a certain Oakland football team.

Here are those items now featured at the top of the mens apparel page:

Beast Mode gear
Beast Mode clothing line

From left to right, you see a T-shirt and hoodie in a retro grey on black with a football helmet, under which it says Oakland. Then another grey on black T-shirt that reads Beast Mode Oakland. And finally a grey and black T-shirt in a similar design to the Warriors, reading Da’ Town.

Prior to today, he had the same Warriors style T-shirt on the site, but it was in Warriors blue and yellow farther down the page. Today it’s top of the page, featured in grey on black. Hmmm.

This change comes just a day after Marshawn Lynch visited the Raider facility where he reportedly told the Raiders he planned to un-retire. The change in his available clothing is a pretty good sign for how that meeting went.