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Bookmakers put Saints, Raiders as favorites to acquire Richard Sherman

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If anyone would like to put money down on where they think Richard Sherman will be playing next season, has the odds on where that will be.

The shortest odds are New Orleans at +300. Right behind them are the Raiders at +400. Either of them are far better odds than they give the Seahawks to retain him.

New Orleans Saints +300
Oakland Raiders +400
Atlanta Falcons +500
Dallas Cowboys +550
Tennessee Titans +600
Seattle Seahawks +800
Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
Green Bay Packers +1600
New England Patriots +3000
Field +350

There are reasons Richard Sherman joining the Raiders would make sense. The Raiders have modeled their cornerback preferences on bigger corners and Sherman is the standard bearer for it. Raiders DC Ken Norton Jr witnessed it firsthand as the Seahawks linebackers coach for several seasons. And Sherman attended Stanford. So, there’s that.

Where the merger seems like a longshot would be in compensation. It’s hard to imagine the Raiders sending a first round pick plus a starter to any team for practically anyone.

Then again, they have their lowest top pick in the draft (24) in 14 years and who knows who might be of interest in a package trade.

One thought I had was, considering the Seahawks have a need at guard and tackle, Austin Howard perhaps?

Amy Trask had an interesting suggestion as part of any deal.

Unfortunately, even with all this, there’s still the question of what to do with Sean Smith if Sherman came on board. Smith isn’t a slot corner and leaves behind $4.25 million if released.

Anyway, it’s all purely hypotheticals at this point.