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Raiders preseason schedule to be released Monday, could be very interesting

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We will soon find out who the Raiders will be playing in the upcoming preseason and when. The preseason schedule for each NFL team is to be released on Monday at 2pm Pacific (5pm ET) per NFL media.

It could be quite interesting to see which teams the Raiders will face this preseason.

Last month both Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio and 49ers GM John Lynch expressed interest in the two teams renewing what was once their annual preseason rivalry. Those games stopped being played a few years back due to fan violence.

Also, will the Raiders make a trip to Los Angeles? The Rams have been back in LA since last year and the Raiders didn’t schedule a game in their old LA stomping grounds prior to last season. A match-up in LA would figure to be quite popular with the still considerable fan presence in Los Angeles.

Then, of course, there is Arizona where the fans there are likely pretty excited that in a few years the Raiders will be moving to within driving distance of them.

Mark Davis has said he wants to play a preseason game in Las Vegas at Sam Boyd stadium, but he was talking 2018.

Toss in Seattle and it’s possible the Raiders preseason itinerary could have very little travel involved if they wanted. We’ll see Monday.