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Bruce Irvin is still not too happy about Marquette King posing with Aqib Talib to mock Michael Crabtree necklace ripping

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Over three months later, Bruce Irvin has some shots fired for Marquette King’s little stunt and twitter goes off.

Ok, so for those who are unfamiliar with this, let me bring you up to speed. Last season when the Raiders faced the Broncos, Aqib Talib intentionally ripped off Michael Crabtree’s necklace, admitted he had planned to do it and was neither penalized nor fined for his actions.

Crabtree was rightfully incredibly angry about this and the lack of a penalty only added to it. How in the world Talib was not fined after the fact remains a mystery considering that is about as unsportsmanlike an act as I can imagine.

The Raiders and Broncos are bitter rivals as it is, and when something like that happens, the logical reaction is to rally around your teammate.

Not Marquette King, though.

At the Pro Bowl, which he attended only as a guest, he posed for a photo on the sideline with Talib pretending to rip off his necklace.

This didn’t sit well with Bruce Irvin, who took to King’s Instagram page, saying “No loyalty smh”. Captured here by raider-bandido.

The fan response was not positive either.

Now over three months later, that stunt still sticks in Irvin’s craw a little bit. Wednesday night on twitter, a fan asked Irvin if he was thinking about playing on both sides of the ball, to which Irvin responded “I can play everything even punter. And I won’t take pics with the enemy as a joke.”

That’s a clear shot across the bow at King, who recognized it and responded with a GIF of Kermit drinking hot tea.

Irvin’s very next tweet, approximately 18 minutes later, was a bit less friendly, saying “lol don’t get yo ass beat trying to impress your followers.”

He didn’t tag King or post it as a reply, but it’s pretty clear to whom he was speaking. To be fair, Irvin did put “lol” at the beginning, which could suggest there is at least some playful banter here, though with plenty of side eye happening.

The reactions to this from fans — who had clearly been following along — were pretty good all by themselves. A lot of memes and GIFs and GIF memes. They seem to gauge the temperature pretty accurately.

There were also a couple responses from fans saying they would like this to be put to bed. I suppose that’s up to King.

It’s not uncommon for players on the same team but on different sides of the ball to not get along all that well. It’s the reason there are always scuffles in camp. Though not usually between a punter and a linebacker.