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Charles Woodson officially welcomes new number 24 Marshawn Lynch to Raiders

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There’s a new number 24 in Oakland. It’s Marshawn Lynch who comes out of retirement to join his hometown Raiders. When he came to the team, he knew what number he would want to wear, and it just so happened that number was available to the taking.

The last man to wear that number was future Hall of Famer Charles Woodson, who retired following the 2015 season and the team didn’t issue the number to a player last season.

Even still, Lynch’s mom thought it appropriate to ask Charles for his blessing on her son wearing the number.

“He came to one of our events and I took a picture with him and I said, ‘Hey Charles, if Marshawn comes to the Raiders, can he wear that 2-4?’,” Delisa Lynch said in an interview on 95.7 The Game, shortly after Marshawn had signed with the team. “He said, ‘Yeah, momma.’ So I knew then that he wasn’t going to mind.”

Well, today Woodson made that blessing official, posting a picture on his Instagram page of the number 24 jersey with the caption “I'm only posting this pic so I don't get fined! Welcome to Nation!!”

I'm only posting this pic so I don't get fined! Welcome to Nation!!

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So, there you have it. The blessing has officially been rendered. The 24 jersey is now passed from one Raider great to another.