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Someone ranked the accuracy of 2017 mock drafts and Silver & Black Pride was near the top

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Someone on Reddit went through and ranked a bunch of the top 2017 mock drafts out there and as it turns out, Silver & Black Pride’s Dan LeBaron did pretty well. Like, really well, actually.

Here is the top mock drafts with LeBaron’s right there at number 3:

  1. Mel Kiper (avg 7.41 difference) Correctly Picked (4): Thomas at #3, Fournette at #4, McCaffrey at #8, Davis at #21. Worst Pick: Willis at #31 (Actual #73)
  2. (avg 7.5 difference) Correctly Picked (3): Garrett at #1, Watson at #12, Bolles at #20. Worst Pick: Awuzie at #29 (Actual #60)
  3. SilverandBlackPride (avg. 7.91 difference. Correctly Picked (4): Garrett, Trubisky, Fournette and White at #27. Worst Pick: Robinson at #9 (Actual #34)
  4. DraftCountdown (avg 7.97 difference) Correctly Picked (6) Garrett, Thomas, Fournette, McCaffrey, Davis at #21, and White. Worst Pick: Melifonwu at #25 (Actual #56)
  5. Sportingnews (avg 8.28 difference) Correctly Picked (5): Garrett, Thomas, Fournette, Reddick at #13, Bolles. Worst Pick: Willis at #31 (Actual #73)
  6. Todd McShay (avg 8.41 difference). Correctly Picked (2): Fournette and McCaffrey. Worst Pick: Cook at #17 (actual #41)
  7. Peter King MMQB (avg **8.43 difference) Correctly Picked (3): Garrett, Fournette and McCaffrey. Worst Pick: Willis at #32 (Actual #73)
  8. Mike Mayock (avg 9.38 difference) Correctly Picked (4): Garrett, Fournette, McCaffrey, Jackson at #18. Worst Pick: Willis at #30 (Actual #73)

That was LeBaron’s final mock including trades. As a staff, we put out mocks just prior to the draft which had no trades involved. That was where I put out my one and only mock draft of the season. If I compared mine to the list, it would look something like this:

11. Levi Damien (avg 11.5 difference) Correctly Picked (4): Garrett #1, Thomas to 49ers, Watson #12, Howard #19. Worst Pick: Lawson at #16 (Actual 116)

That 100-pick difference with Lawson really threw my average out of whack. But that’s just how it goes. Good times.