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George Lopez, Ken Jeong, Jim Breuer crash Marshawn Lynch wedding in Train 'Drink Up' music video

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Who knew Marshawn Lynch was into Train? Well apparently he and Train lead singer Pat Monahan are good enough friends that Lynch agreed to play the part of the groom getting his wedding crashed in Train's latest video 'Drink Up.'

"The Drink Up video was inspired by a friend of mine," Monohan said in the video description. "She said 'you and your friends should teach people how to throw a party.' I asked my friends, Marshawn "Beastmode" Lynch, George Lopez, Jim Breuer and Ken Jeong to show us all how it's done and man did they ever. This was one of the best days of my life and hopefully theirs. So much fun and what a great, classy, talented group I get to call friends. The best!"

It's an unlikely group of friends and with Ken Jeong along, it has a very 'Hangover' feel to it, right down to the clips during the credits. We already knew Lynch was out living it up the past year, enjoying his (temporary) retirement. This is just another example.