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Rolando McClain is back in trouble with the law

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It’s reached the point where you just feel sorry for Rolando McClain. Or perhaps, depending on who you are, you’re already past feeling sorry for him, and have moved on to indifference.

The former Raiders 8th overall pick went from destroying his own career to now just ruining his life. The latest incident, reported by the Decatur Daily, has McClain arrested again, this time on marijuana and weapons charges.

It was one of those ‘window tint violations’ traffic stops they like to do around those Southern US parts. The officer then found marijuana and an unlicensed firearm on his person.

McClain last played in the NFL in 2015 for the Cowboys. He was suspended indefinitely prior to last season for violating the league policy on substance abuse.

At just 27 years old (!), the Cowboys were giving him what looked like perhaps his last chance to revive his NFL career.

He had a rocky career with the Raiders over three seasons, which included being convicted on assault and weapons charges while visiting home in Alabama — where most of his troubles seem to happen. You can read about his Raiders timeline more indepth here.

It was first the Ravens that were going to give him a shot, but he showed up for the workout late and out of shape and two weeks after signing with the team was arrested again, this time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in...wait for it...Alabama. A month later he announced his retirement, citing the need to ‘get his personal life together.’

He came out of retirement a year later and his rights were traded to the Cowboys where he appeared in 24 games over two seasons. Hard to keep up with McClain’s story these days. Also hard to believe he’s only 27 considering all the incidents he has had.