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Marshawn Lynch had Oakland block party after all, gets pie in the face from Marcus Peters, Draymond Green also in attendance

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As soon as Marshawn Lynch signed with the Raiders, there were rumors of a block party that was to happen in downtown Oakland at Lynch’s Beastmode store. It was said to take place around 3pm, though the event was never confirmed by Lynch.

Some fans showed up at Beastmode that day, which was the day of the draft, and were turned away. Eventually the store closed for the day altogether despite it being normal business hours and a sign was posted on the door that read “Sorry you were misinformed there is no block party today! Thank you.”

This may be true. The block party may not have happened that day. But it did happen. Though not at the store.

The original report of the block party touted celebrity appearances from the likes of Derek Carr, E-40, and Michael B Jordan. This block party also had a couple of celebrity appearances as Warriors forward Draymond Green and Kansas City Chiefs cornerback and Oakland native Marcus Peters were both in attendance.

Here is the video as posted by @BruhReport (no affiliation with the other B/R)

Draymond shows up at the :18 mark and Peters at the :20 mark. At the :40 mark, Lynch gets a pie in the face from Peters. I imagine Peters is one of the few who could get away with that.