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Raiders RB’s, WR’s got together for pickup basketball game, talk Warriors, Oakland fans, more

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In a recent segment featured on ESPN, Some Raiders players got together for a pickup basketball game.

Team one was Amari Cooper, host Sam Alipour, Johnny Holton, and Taiwan Jones.

Team two was Michael Crabtree, DeAndre Washington, Jaydon Mickens, and Seth Roberts.

Jones and Roberts showed up at halftime with team one up 5-2.

The wager was should Team one win, Team two would have to join Amari Cooper’ book club and have to comment on the blog. Should Team two win, Team one would have to wear something from Crabtree’s clothing line every day for a week.

Even with Crabtree’s basketball background, he and Team two couldn’t best Team one, and immediately thereafter, Cooper handed out books to be read for the book club.

The segment is quick, with a lot of cuts (which makes it look like no one missed a shot) so you don’t get to see much actual game play.

Mostly it’s just the guys talking about who they see winning the finals this year (Warriors) and which Warriors players would make good NFL players.

There is also a part where they talk of the East Bay Raiders fans

“It’s like a family, man.” said Antioch native Taiwan Jones. “They bleed and everything. It’s all about the team.”

“And they’re loyal.” said DeAndre Washington. “They show up rain, sleet, or snow, they’re going to be there.”

See the video here