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Derek Carr reportedly frustrated with lack of communication on new contract

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The Raiders and Derek Carr are looking to work out a long term extension this offseaon, but those talks have not happened as expected.

Last month Derek Carr said he and his agent were on good terms with Reggie McKenzie and they were working toward getting an extension hammered out this offseason. As of the end of April, those talks were to stop and then pick back up following the draft.

“We’ll let the draft happen,” Carr said in late April, “Reggie said he wanted to do it after the draft. They’ve been talking a little bit to build it, but I’ll let them handle that.”

The draft was over two weeks ago.

Now, according to’s Mike Silver there has been nothing since then and the slow pace of discussions is frustrating Derek Carr.

Carr has given the Raiders until training camp to get something done, after which he said he wouldn’t even pick up the phone to discuss his contract.

That is to say if a deal is not done by training camp, the two sides wouldn’t delve into contract talks again until next offseason at which point the Raiders would risk Carr heading toward free agency.

There is still a lot of time remaining before training camp — about 2 12 months — so it seems a bit early to panic, but Reggie McKenzie did say contract talks would pick up following the draft and it sounds like that didn’t happen as he said it would.

No doubt Carr would like to get the deal out of the way as soon as possible, so he doesn’t have to deal with it over the 6-week break between minicamp and training camp either.

Carr figures to command something in the range of the money Andrew Luck received from the Colts, perhaps even surpass it. That would put his yearly salary average around $25 million.