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Reggie McKenzie addresses reported Derek Carr frustration about lack of contract talks “We’ll get it done”

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In recent days, a report came out the Derek Carr was frustrated with the fact that there had been no significant communication between his camp and the Raiders with regard to a long term extension.

Probably not coincidentally, Reggie McKenzie appeared on Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game today and addressed the reports.

“I see Derek every day,” said McKenzie. “We have a great relationship, communicate very well. Now, that’s not going to be an issue at all. As far as the contract goes, we kind of keep... you know I don’t like discussing contracts outside these walls and that’s been my mantra, to kinda keep that in-house, but bottom line is we love Derek and we want to keep him and we’ll do everything to make sure this contract gets done.”

None of this outright refutes the initial report of Carr’s frustration with the lack of communication on the part of the Raiders with regard to an extension. That may be the case. Primarily because the report spoke of the fact that there had been no contract discussions since the draft which is when Carr said McKenzie told him those talks would pick up.

Whether that was anything significant is another story entirely. It seems unlikely at this point in the offseason, with over two months until training camp, that this would be anything more than a minor issue. Even still, McKenzie used his forum to reiterate the team’s commitment to Carr and their resolve to lock him up long term.

“I want Derek Carr to be a Raider for his career,” said McKenzie. “We’ll get it done however we need to get it done. . . I want Derek here, I want him to be a Raider and he knows that. We have many discussion leading to that.”