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Jamaal Charles is staying in AFC West

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It took a while, but Jamaal Charles has found a home. The former Chiefs All Pro running back will now get to face his old team twice as he has agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos.

Charles was once the best running back in the NFL. But he’s a few years removed from those days.

The former 2-time All Pro back has appeared in a total of 8 games over the past two seasons due to injuries. He is now 30 years old, which is the proverbial running back wall. Athough, the last time he was healthy — the first five games of the 2015 season — he still averaged over five yards per carry, so it was inevitable some team was going to take a chance he can regain his previous form. If even for a few games.

The Raiders added their own former All Pro running back on the other side of 30, luring Marshawn Lynch out of retirement. We’ll see who got the better of their offseason running back additions.