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Derek Carr downplays reports of frustration over Raiders contract status “These things take time”

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Since the initial reports surfaced that Derek Carr was frustrated with a lack of contract discussion with the Raiders, we have now heard from Reggie McKenzie and now Derek Carr.

As of the report, it had been two weeks since the team wrapped up the draft at which point they were supposed to dive into working out an extension with Derek Carr.

The day after the report surfaced, Reggie McKenzie appeared on 95.7 The Game to try and calm any fears that there was a rift of any kind between he and Derek Carr or Carr’s agent.

One would assume, he also spoke with Carr’s agent to offer the same assurances.

Now a week later, it seems all is right with the world.

“I have an agent who is in charge of that and I am confident that he and Mr. (Reggie) McKenzie will work it out,” Carr told the Fresno Bee. “I am only focused on becoming a better football player and helping my teammates become better players.”

“I have complete faith it will get done before training camp. These things take time. The Raiders know I want to be here; this is my family, and I know they want me to be their quarterback.”

McKenzie, while not outright disputing the report, said he and Carr “have a great relationship, communicate very well,” and expressed similar optimism to that of Carr with regard to a contract extension being reached this offseason.

“I want Derek Carr to be a Raider for his career,” said McKenzie. “We’ll get it done however we need to get it done. . . I want Derek here, I want him to be a Raider and he knows that. We have many discussion leading to that.”

There are approximately 9 weeks until training camp which is the deadline Carr set to get a deal done this year.

Raiders begin OTA’s today and those will continue for three weeks followed by Mandatory minicamp. After that, the players will be on a 6-week break before training camp.