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Roger Goodell to allow fun back in the NFL, but not too much

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It would appear Roger Goodell may have discovered that football is a game and therefore it is supposed to be fun. And with that in mind, he’s actually expected to ease some of the league’s strict standards on celebration. But let’s not get crazy.

Among the rule relaxing are those on group celebrations, using the ball as a prop after a touchdown, going to the ground, and snow angels, according to USA Today’s Tom Pelissero.

An emphasis is being placed on ‘spontaneous exuberance’ which is to say players will be allowed to react in the moment, and even WITH THEIR TEAMMATES! What a concept, right? A team game in which the players celebrate joy upon a successful on-field accomplishment. And they may even get a little creative.

Not too creative though.

These celebrations can’t be too long, they can’t be sexually suggestive (two pump rule?) — which means no twerking -- and they can’t include offensive gestures or mimic weapons.

This does leave a lot of to interpretations, but then again there was a lot up to interpretation before.