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NFL approves Raiders Las Vegas stadium lease “a big step”

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Another box was checked today for the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas. The owners have approved the lease agreement between the franchise and the city at their owners meeting in Chicago Tuesday.

Mark Davis called the vote “a big step” in the process that began when the league had officially approved the team’s relocation to Las Vegas in late March.

Just a week ago, there was some uncertainty the lease would be signed and ready in time for the owner’s meeting.

Those concerns were alleviated at the meeting last week on May 18 when the lease was signed by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority. The worry was had the lease not been ready in time for the owners meeting, it could ultimately push the entire project back a year due to the fact that the next owners meeting doesn’t take place until October.

Construction on the 65,000-seat $1.9 billion stadium is schedule to break ground in January with a tight 30-month window to have it move-in ready for the scheduled opening for the 2020 season.

Mark Davis has expressed interest in continuing to play in Oakland Coliseum through the 2019 season if the Coliseum board is willing to extend the lease through that season.