Why I became a Raider Fan

Its funny that I cant remember a lot of things that happened in my childhood but I do remember the time I became a Raider fan. This was during the late 80's into the early 90's and I was at my uncle's house playing with my cousin when we decided to sit in front of the T.V. to find out what my uncle was yelling at. When I sat down to see I noticed one team dawning silver and black and the other a nasty orange on blue travesty. I couldn't tell you the score nor the exact date and I surely don't know why the less vibrant colors stood out to me but I knew the reason behind my uncle's rants. He was a die hard Raiders fan. I watched that game and rooted for the Silver and Black the same as my uncle. From that day forward I loved football and I loved the Raiders. I endured everything from Bo Jackson shattering his hip against the Bungles to Jay Schroder fumbling the football off his leg during a scramble. I watched the last game they played in L.A. at the Colosseum against the Chiefs and Joe Montana. We lost that day but we hurt the great Montana. Everyone in the stadium chanted "fuck up Joe" as he limped off the field. There are many more great childhood memories I can get into but I am not sure this blog could handle all the words. I have been the constant of many football jokes because I root for the Raiders. During all the hard times i've stayed true to my belief they will once again rise to greatness. When they moved back to Oakland my heart sank but I knew I would still root for my team regardless where they go. This is why I have empathy for the Oakland natives because it has happened to me. Every time my loyalty was tested I always go back to that one moment I became a Raiders fan. We are truly a great fan base and one of the most loyal. I wouldn't have it any other way. That is why I am proud to Say RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE!!.