Why I became a fan of the mighty OAKLAND RAIDERS

Im from NY and as a kid I was small, shifty and fast. I loved football but my parents wouldn't let me join peewee league because I had already gotten stiches twice from reckless incidents. But they did let my brother join...The team colors he was given...The Dallas Cowboys...Old school. White helmets with solid blue star. Solid blue jersey with white numbers and white pants. He got to play for 2 years while I watched on the sidelines. Soon we were watching football on TV and learning more about the sport. He was my older brother so I looked up to him. The team we supported....The Dallas Cowboys. This was in the 70s and we were barely over 10 years old. They were good years watching Staubach and company as well as Danny White. We lived in NY ( and still do) but never were avid fans of the Giants or especially the JETS.

Once I reached my early teens I said to myself its time to cut your own path...One day Im watching the Cowboys playing in Dallas against this team in Silver & Black....Those guys were nasty....Heavy hitters....Swagger....attitude...All on the Cowboys field... Right there I said these guys are for me...DONE. This was in the middle to late 70s and I didn't know much about football but the Raiders were on the run for their 1st ring.

I was now the dedicated fan that soon got to see Raiders v Eagles in the Super Bowl and the crowning glory Raiders v Redskins which I will NEVER forget for many reasons. I watched that game in a bar/ restaurant with about 100 people in attendance. Redskins were heavy favorites and only myself and one other person were rooting for the beloved Silver & Black. It was glorious. I got so out of hand they threatened to throw me out but it never happened.

I am now 54 years old and can proudly say I have been a fan for over 40 years.. I have seen the good and the bad including the Tuck game. I will never turn my back on them and will die a fan no matter where they move to. Hopefully we all get to see them hoist the Lomabardi at least one more time soon.....