How I became a raider

I will never forget the day I became a raider. I was in my back yard in south Berkeley about two blocks from Oakland this is 2002 I was 11 years old, I was running around in the dirt when I heard my dad bursting through the back yard door where my mom her friend an my two sisters were with me. My dad being loud and rambunctious my attention turned to him and that moment changed my life forever. My eyes instantly shifted to giant shiny silver plated Oakland raider playoff ticket, man that shit looked so cool with the silver shield on it I couldn't help but notice how pumped up an juiced my pops was I heard him shouting "we goin to the game!" Unfortunately it's was just two tickets an my dad brought his buddy to the game with him I was a little too young for that moment. Anyways if you guys remember that game we beat the jets to go on to play New England, I think we all know how that ends so I'll skip that. The following year I was still jus into running around getting into trouble jus a dirty little skateboarder who wasn't really into sports( I went to some warrior games back then but never really got into basketball until recently) anyways the raiders where catching steam that year an I was busy on my skateboard. Then talks ramped up, my father became more excited next thing I know the raiders were headed to the super bowl. Now I'm not gonna lie the Super Bowl was the first time I watched a full game I was 12 then and once again we all know how that went. Skip to next year the first year I really went beyond what my dad had showed and told me about the raiders, pops never forced nothing on me kinda let me go find my own way I have a great father who always was the coolest raider to me. That year he asked me if I wanted to go to a raider game which was my first ever. I was still twelve and that was the final push into my diehard raider fandom. It was the craziest most electrifying moment in my life the game was absolutely crazy after losing to the bucs in the super bowl we played them the year after if im correct in the regular season . A rabid fan base who's hearts had been broken the year before out for blood and revenge. We walked through the parking lot where there was feasting, loud music, people yelling girls shouting everyone drinking having a great time, man I never felt so at home. That was a wrap I found myself and where I belong. We entered the network associate stadium where we won the first game I ever attended that feeling of winning the game and the tens of thousands of diehards roaring shaking the stadium was one of the greatest moments of my life. I think the reason I felt so at home was my absolute hate of losing something I always got from the raiders and al Davis I've always kinda been a misfit moving around a bunch when I was a kid an eventually landing in the east bay, also my loyalty I never switched sides even when I was getting the most shit talked to me by weak ass niner band wagoners at Berkeley high school, jus patiently waiting for our rise back to the top. I'm 27 now and have had season tickets for the last 3 years going on fourth. This last year was the most exciting season I ever witnessed and it feels so great to know what I and everyone else that stuck around went through to enjoy this as a diehard fan. So not only identifying with the raiders or being my home team, it also has been in my family blood.

My mother was born and raised in LA where she met my dad. She never cared about sports but if she did she would she be a raider. My dad who moved to la as a young man grew up in Hawaii in the 70s when the raiders where kicking ass an winning. My dad would always tell me his favorite raider was Kenny snake Stabler. My father became a Raiders fan because his father was a Raiders fan , just recently the last year I was with my grandfather and I asked him how did you become a raider fan ? He told me that he had a aunt that lived in Alameda and in the 1960s my grandfather visited the bay area for the first time was out exploring the city of Oakland and actually attended a raider game in the 60s he told me ever since the raider game he had been a raider fan and brought it back To Hawaii with him. I've been trying to get him to fly out so I could bring him to possibly the last Oakland raider game he will ever be able to watch in the stadium.