Why I’m a fan of the Oakland Raiders

Growing up in Medford Mass. in the late 60's and early 70's I couldn't wait for the late game at 4:00 PM on Sunday afternoons. Suffering through the 1:00 O'Clock Pat's game was torture. Then Good old number 3 Darryl Lamonica would take the field with Freddie B. and Ben Davidson and crew. Those early Raider teams just kicked ass! Then fast forward to the early 70's with the Snake and all those classic nail biting "Just Win Baby" games sealed the deal for me. In 74 when Planet Otis Sistrunk took the towel off his head on Monday night Football and Alex Karros said Otis Sistrunk from the University of Mars was legendary. The January 77 Super Bowl win after being so close so many times and seeing Coach carried off the field was just awesome. The 80 wildcard team with good old number 16 Jim Plunkett off the scrap heap and left for dead turned around a team and pulled off the almost impossible. 83 with the secondary of Mike Haynes and Lester "The Judge" Hayes shutting down and pummeling the heavy favored Redskins. The good but not great teams of the late 80's and early 90's and never giving up hope. Fast forward to 98 with Chucky giving us our edge back and then breaking our hearts and beating the team he should brought to Super Bowl victory. And now more exciting than ever the Derek Carr led Raiders who will win the Super Bowl this year! If you are in Chicago please stop by Tavern On Little Fort 4128 Lincoln Ave. Chicago and watch The Nation with us! We our The Chicago Oakland Raider Fan Club.