Why I became a raiders fan

Hello everyone my name is Edgar and I wanted to share why I am a raiders fan. I was born in Sylmar California but wasn't there very long. My parents decided to move to Denver Colorado and well everyone knows what team is here. I'm 26 years old and still live in Colorado but will always be a raiders fan. My dad is the reason why I am a raiders fan. When I was little I remember watching the games with him. And those are really the only memories I have with him. He passed when I was 5 years old. An actual physical memory I have is the raiders troll doll he gave me when I was a baby. I still have him till this day and I will never get rid of him. I named him "feo" and everyone in my family knows how close he is to me. Unfortunately, after the years he did lose his white and black shoes and I gave him a haircut when I was young lol but still here. I am a raiders fan to keep his memory going. Not like we will ever forget him but I take the raiders close to my heart because of him. I get a lot of crap living in Colorado but I wear my colors proud. Not only for our Nation but for my dad. I miss him so much but he is with me everywhere I go. And he is cheering our team on in spirit with the whole nation. May you Rest In Peace dad, Manuel Ismael Moreno. LETS GET ANOTHER SUPER BOWL RAIDERS! My dad is watching from up above.

Let's show him that the nation stays together through anything!