How I became a Raider Fan

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Hello I would Iike to share my story on how I became a Raider fan. I have been a Raider fan from the day I was born I am 32 years old and the reason I'm a Raider fan is because of my father He has been a Raider fan since 1968 he grew up in the Bay Area and said that he remembers getting home from Vietnam and said that he was out at the bar and there was a Raider game on and he remembers that a bunch of bikers came in and they saw his uniform and they immediately bought him beers (my dad says that back in that time of war a lot of people would spit on military members and call them baby killers along with other names) but he said they sat down and enjoyed a beer and the Raiders game he said it was an awesome time and he said that because of how this fans acted and their alligence to the Raiders he would become a fan, my dad would tell me stories about the Heidi game and those battles with the Steelers in the 70's (his sheer hatred for Franco Harris) and I would just love to listen to how badass the raiders are the intimidation and those beautiful silver and black uniforms. It was also the renegade image my whole family are 49ers fans and it was awesome going to their home to watch football all day and we were the only ines wearing black and I loved all the hate that was rained down on us. What I guess is what I'm trying to say is I live the Raiders and I love my dad and that's what brought us together I love watching Raider games with my dad as little as 4 years old screaming for Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson to cussing out he who shall not be named rhymes with Walrus to today and roootin for Mack and Carr and now with Money Lych this year is going to be insane. I know whennai have Ma son he too will be a Raider fan cause when I think of The Raiders to me that is family and no matter where they play I will always love them just like you love your family no matter what and I know that when I'm long and gone my children and their children will always be Raiders