Why I'm a Raider fan

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

1980's Britain: Maggie Thatcher, social unrest, soccer hooliganism, three TV channels (yes, THREE!!). Our only exposure to anything NFL-related would be a short Superbowl highlights segment on Saturday afternoon sports show World Of Sport hosted by the legend that was Dickie Davies (let's have a look at the cop sucker...I mean cup soccer) and the shots of Texas Stadium on the opening credits of "Dallas".

Then in November '82 along came a fourth TV channel, imaginatively named Channel 4, with a remit to broadcast shows which otherwise wouldn't get a look-in on the other 'mainstream' channels. One of which was a weekly NFL show, with highlights of one of the previous week's games. A definitive improvement on checking Ceefax waiting for the pages to update the scores on Sunday night, or more usually Monday morning. Of course if you wanted to know the scores as they actually happened your only option was the radio, fiddling with the tuning dial to get the Armed Forces Radio. Nothing would beat the feeling of hitting the sweet spot of getting ten minutes of muffled NFL commentary before the signal faded out to interference, or worse, the channel pumping out non-stop opera.

Then we come to the fateful night in January 1984. The Superbowl!! Live!! And the main reason I became a Raiders fan - my brother. I hadn't really settled on a particular time at that point, but my brother had become a keen Redskins fan (bandwagoner), so what other option did I have but to cheer on the guys in silver and black? Jensen's blocked punt, Squirek's interception, Marcus' run, and I was hooked.