Raider for Life and Why

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I have been a Raiders fan from the jump! Still am, of course, and always will be. I've casually rooted for a few other teams in the past; never against my Raiders tho. I was living in LA when the Raiders were there. Worked in the Bay area when they moved back to Oakland. From the first time the Silver and Black hit the the AFL until this day, I've been hooked on a commitment to excellence! I've never wavered. Through up and downs, I'm still around. I live in NE FL now and proud to say Nation is strong here. My Raiders are on track to come all the way back and I'll enjoy the ride as they go and do. A new chapter is about to begin, but wherever the team plays MistaRaider (me) will be there. I'm a part of a special nation that transcends generations. My sons are Raiders fans, I attract Raiders fans, my silver Nissan is a pimped out 'raidermobile'! I have credence, after all, I've been a fan for over a half century! I'm also a bit of an authority on team stats and history; as well as a student of the game. I know as the Raiders go. So, as I go, I say this--repeat it after me: Just Win Baby! ..............I can't hear you............. that's better!