Why I became a Raider fan

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I was about 9 years old when I first watched the silver & black play. The television in our living room was not working ( antenna issues ). I heard my father yelling in the master bedroom, Art Shall Win! Art Shall Win! Art Shall Win. He was talking about our coach Art Shell, the first black head coach in modern era of the sport.

I was more into soccer thanks to my mother's Mexican nationality. But football was different. The Raiders were different. My father was different. I wanted to be different from all the other kids in Madera CA.(49er fans) that's why I became a Raider fan.

NWA, rocked the gear hard. That's why I became a Raider fan. I rocked the gear hard too. Los Angeles Raiders. That was what my little friend's parents called me. Hey, Los Angeles Raiders! you kids be good! Does anyone remember Jay Schroeder #13? He made me so mad, I remember watching him as QB. Howie Long, Bo Jackson, Marcus Allen, and Tim Brown play. Of course I remember the game vs. Bengals when Kevin Walker hurt Bo. Same initial feeling as when Carr went down vs. Colts. I was in shock I remember all the comercials Bo Knows. You can't hurt Bo! That's why I became a Raider fan.

I was doing 10 year prison stint when the infamous tuck rule took place. I almost started a riot. No joke. I was banned from ever entering the United States of America, and That's ok because I can still enter the Raider Nation.That's why I became a Raider fan.

I didn't take advantage of the freedom needed to go to an actual Raider game. Instead was a street punk. Another story.

Then for some awsome reason the Mighty Silver & Black came to me in Mexico City vs. Texans. I went with my beutiful Raider Queen. I meet Gorilla Rilla, Tim Brown, saw C-Wood up close and him and I threw up the "O" at eachother. Epic for me. I was surrounded by my Nation. RAAIDERS! RAAIDERS! That's why I became a Raider fan.

People ask me don't you want to go back into the U.S. I say "as long as my momma and the Raiders come and visit me I'll live in the moon". The Raiders are visiting me again this year. That's why I'm a Raider Fan.

We are not a city we are not a state we are not a country. We are Raider Nation.