Why I am a Raider Fan

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

First off I was born in Oakland in Providence Hospital and lived on the east side in the late 60's and early 70's. High St. and Macarthur Blvd area. I lived on Brookdale ave and went to St. Jarlath's school. My mom has pics of me at 2 years old sitting on a coffee can eating peanuts and watching the Raiders with my Pops! so in reality the Raiders have always been a part of me.

I first really started to pay attention to football and especially my Raiders in about 84 when Plunk won his second SB. into the late 80's and early 90's I developed into a true Raider Fan and started really learning about the game and the history and the great players. probably one of the defining moments was when I read Jim Otto's biography. moved around a lot growing up because my Pops was in the navy and we ended up in the central valley, Tracy to be exact and while I hated the valley I solidified my commitment to the Raiders. I have attended several games and have the luck to be able to say every game I have been to we won including a classic outing at Candlestick Park against our cross bay rivals the fortywhiners! this was in '01 or '02 with my friend Rick who was and still is a whiner fan! awesome game back and forth all game. close score but also high scoring. the Raiders won in overtime on their second possession of the OT period driving straight in and winning the game! way to go Gannon!

during the fateful SB game I was in Dallas Texas for reasons that seemed appropriate at the time but turned out to be insane. since then I have suffered as all Raiders fans have suffered thru the long dark years of Al's dotage. and like the rest of you I have loved the late resurgence of our beloved Raiders! I am having loads of fun shutting down haters when they try to talk shit. and am looking forward to winning another SB which I believe will happen this year!

this is a great time to be a Raider fan my friends! share it with your hater friends and try to entice them to come to the dark side! it may not work but it is lots of fun!

in conclusion a word about the upcoming move. yes I would prefer that they had been able to find a way to stay in Oakland. but the mayor wanted nothing to do with that or our Raiders and so the die was cast! but as long as the symbol is that eyepatched pirate, as long as they wear the silver and black, and as long as the name is the Raiders they are and will remain my team! and I shall have no other!