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Derek Carr hoping contract talks with Raiders pick up soon “I’m not going to be a distraction”

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Derek Carr is still waiting on a contract extension from the Raiders. And from the sounds of it, there hasn’t been any significant developments since two weeks ago when there hadn’t been any recent contract discussions between Carr’s camp and the Raiders.

“There’s nothing new to report right now,” Carr said of contract negotiations. “I’m hoping that those things will pick up here soon, which we’re expecting anyway. They’ve been talking to Tim, my agent, and things like that. That should get going real soon I would hope because once training camp hits I’m all football. I’m not gonna distract my teammates and you guys are gonna want to know and things like that.”

Entering the final year of Carr’s rookie contract, this is not the first time he has said that if a deal isn’t reached by camp that he would stop all contract discussions at that time.

“I wouldn’t even answer my phone,” Carr said, reiterating his words from last month. “The money isn’t the thing that drives me. If it was, I shouldn’t be standing here, to be honest. What drives me is making sure I’m giving it everything I have and making sure that we win and I don’t want anything distracting my thought process at all.”

Even without the focus that training camp requires, the distraction of it all is already annoying Carr.

“All that stuff is fun and cool and it has to happen because it’s a business, but I have so many things that I want to work on and I don’t want to distract my teammates,” he said. “Khalil [Mack] had to answer questions on it on like Sportscenter the other day and that bugs the heck out of me. There’s no reason he should have to talk about that. Hopefully it will just get done.”

Both Reggie Mckenzie and Derek Carr have said on many occasions that they know where the other stands. Both sides want this marriage to be long term. But knowing how each other feel isn’t enough. They need to make it official.

Players report to training camp on July 28 with the first practice starting July 29. Just under two months away. That’s the absolute deadline we’re looking at.