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Raiders OTA practice notes: Rough offensive day “unacceptable” to Derek Carr

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Raiders signal caller isn’t interested in excuses for how the offense looked to begin week two of OTA’s

Watching OTA practice Tuesday was rough from an offensive perspective. Receivers were dropping passes, defenders were knocking balls down, and quarterbacks were throwing interceptions. They were definitely not in sync.

“A little bit of Memorial Day hangover if you will,” said offensive coordinator Todd Downing. “Certainly need to iron out a couple of things and get some rough patches smoothed out. I like the effort and I think the attention to detail will come with everybody getting re-acclimated to being back in OTAs and not on a holiday weekend. Overall, I was pleased with their attention and effort.”

On one hand, it’s still early in OTA’s, with the full Raiders team together for just the second week of practices this offseason. On the other hand, according to Derek Carr, this was a step back from how they look a week ago.

“I think that as an offense we were still on our flights,” said Carr. “It’s not concerning. The things that we did today were just silly. Unacceptable, but silly. The first three days of this thing we’ve been hitting on all cylinders. Today, not so much. Look forward to getting to bed and getting back to it.”

Carr certainly can’t exclude himself from criticism for today’s play. He had two pass knocked down by linebacker Tyrell Adams and threw a pick six to David Amerson on a pass intended for Michael Crabtree.

He wasn’t alone, as EJ Manuel had a pass picked off by Kenneth Durden on a long ball attempt up the right sideline and Connor Cook had a pass over the middle knocked down by Obi Melifonwu.

The receivers weren’t doing their quarterbacks any favors, either. Cordarrelle Patterson and Keon Hatcher each had drops and there were several other instances where the receivers and quarterbacks were not on the same page.

As Carr stated; Concerned? No. Not this early. Acceptable? No. They should be improving from week to week. Glitches and mistakes are to be expected. Today, at least from an offensive perspective, today was just flat out brutal.