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Khalil Mack tops PFF's list of QB Hurry leaders

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It says here Khalil Mack is very good.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In recent weeks, Pro Football Focus has been releasing its lists of the league leaders at various positions and in specific statistics. These stats have been kind to the Raiders this year, with PFF pointing out in infographic form that the Raiders pretty much never give up sacks or QB pressures of any kind.

But the one released most recently is possibly the most impressive. Raiders DE Khalil Mack led the NFL in QB hurries, and it wasn't even close.

So there's our boy with 74 hurries, and waaaaaaaay back there in second place is the New York Giants' prized free agent acquisition, Olivier Vernon with 61. In case you went to public school, 74 QB hurries over the span of 16 games equals 4.625 hurries per game.

The Raider defense was one of the worst at giving up points last year, but one of the best at forcing turnovers, and Mack's consistent pressure on the opposing quarterback was a big part of the reason why. When a QB throws before he is ready, the routes aren't fully developed and the throws tend to be erratic, giving Oakland's opportunistic secondary a chance to make a play.

By the way, here's PFF's overall grade of Mack for the 2016 season in which he won Defensive Player of the Year.

So no, Bronco fan who has wandered onto this site by mistake, Von Miller is not better than Khalil Mack. Nobody is. Mack is on his own tier of greatness and we are privileged to behold his glory.