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Report: Raiders to collaborate with Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode line

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It turns out the win-win of Marshawn Lynch selling more of his Beast Mode clothing line and the Raiders’ earnings from Lynch jersey sales will merge.

According to a report from Pro Football Talk, the Raiders will sell items with both the Beast Mode and Raiders logos on them. This merchandise will be sold at the stadium on game day, at the Raiders Image stores, and possibly online as well.

It’s clear the Raiders plan to capitalize in every way they can on Marshawn Lynch suiting up for the team. Along with the goodwill they hope it extends to the fans for signing an Oakland legend and of course the benefits on the field as well.

Lynch will also benefit greatly from this even more than he would have anyway through his Beast Mode brand being that his personal brand is not NFL licensed. That’s on top of his $3 million base for this season and incentive package.