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Look at Marshawn Lynch’s detailed incentive package with Raiders

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Since Marshawn Lynch signed with the Raiders a little over a week ago, there have been financial details that have emerged here and there, but up to this point, they’ve all been only part of the story.

There was the initial report that said it was a $3 million base in year one with $2 million available in an incentive should he reach 1000 yards rushing. Then there was the agent version, which tossed in every possible incentive reached to show the max deal.

Neither of those accounts get down to the finer points, taking into account those incentives that are reachable and how likely Lynch is to seeing the second year of his contract.

Digging up those details was Pro Football Talk (who also had the news of the potential collaboration between the Raiders and the Beast Mode clothing line).

Here’s how those numbers stack up:


$2.35M fully guaranteed

$31,250 per game active ($500,000 for full season)

$150,000 workout bonus

$2.9 million against salary cap


9 TD’s: $250,000

12 TD’s: $500,000 ($750K total)

400 Rush Yards: $400,000

500 Rush Yards: $400,000 ($800K total)

600 Rush Yards: $400,000 ($1.2M total

800 Rush Yards: $600,000 ($1.6M total)

1,000 Rush Yards: $600,000 ($2.2M total)

Every 100 Yards past 1,000: $250,000

Another $1.5 million is available should the team make the playoffs.

If Lynch were to put up the numbers he did in 2014 (his last full season), he would earn as much as $5.2 million in incentives for a total amount of $8.1 million earned in 2017. Max incentives would put him at $8.8 million. The final year of his contract with the Seahawks would have paid him $9 million guaranteed before he reworked it to sign with the Raiders.


No guaranteed money (basically an option year)

$4 million base salary

$1 million roster bonus (due in March)

$46,875 per game active ($750,000 for full season)

$250,000 workout bonus

$6 million against the cap

$2 million available in undisclosed incentives

This means the team is only on the hook for $2.35 million if Lynch never play a game. From there the money begins adding up with every game he plays and yards and touchdown mark he hits up to what appears to be around $16.8 million over two seasons, though much of that is unlikely to be reached.