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Vegas oddsmakers give Raiders AFC West highest win total, third in AFC

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For the first time since the 2017 draft completed, the odds for win totals has been released, and the expectations are fairly high for the Raiders prospects for this season.

For the AFC West, the Raiders were given the highest over/under win total according to Bovada

Oakland Raiders 10

Kansas City Chiefs 9

Denver Broncos 8.5

Los Angeles Chargers 7.5

As for their conference hopes, it also looks pretty good, with the Raiders over/under of 10 being third highest in the AFC. Here are the AFC over/under results

New England Patriots 12.5

Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5

Oakland Raiders 10

Baltimore Ravens 9

Indianapolis Colts 9

Kansas City Chiefs 9

Cincinnati Bengals 8.5

Houston Texans 8.5

Denver Broncos 8.5

Tennessee Titans 8.5

Los Angeles Chargers 7.5

Miami Dolphins 7.5

Buffalo Bills 6

Jacksonville Jaguars 6

New York Jets 5

Cleveland Browns 4.5

The lowest win total over under in the NFL goes to the 49ers and Browns set at 4.5.