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Raiders countdown to kickoff: 89 is Amari Cooper, who wore it best?

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We’re now into the 80s in our countdown which means receivers. Whether wide receivers or tight ends. At 89, the Raiders feature one of their best players these days.

WR Amari Cooper

Entering his third season, this former number 4 overall pick has taken the league by storm, surpassing 1000 yards in each of his first two seasons, and being named to the Pro Bowl in both seasons.

A rookie season that was marred by an ankle injury late and subsequent drops, led to an even better sophomore season, reaching 1153 yards and 5 TD’s. He has set Raiders records along the way, beginning with breaking the franchise rookie record for receiving to setting a new record for receiving yards in his first two seasons (2223).

As polished as Coop was coming out of Alabama, he still has areas of his game on which he can improve. He improved his field awareness and toe-tapping inbounds last season and looks to make tweaks to his game again. His track record suggests he can make those improvements which would suggest he would be knocking on the door to being named to the All Pro team.

Who wore it best: Amari Cooper

That’s right, Coop is the best to wear the number 89. In just two seasons, he has almost reached the receiving yard numbers former best Silver & Black 89 had in seven seasons in Oakland. Curry never had a 1000-yard season and never reached the Pro Bowl.

Pretty impressive for Coop to claim ownership as the best 89 in Silver & Black ever after just two seasons.