Watch: Khalil Mack wrecks warehouse in New Era commercial

I thought I would share this with you guys. It's the latest commercial for New Era featuring Khalil Mack. Link to the commercial here.

As you can see, it shows various NFL players "working out" in a warehouse. Greg Olson drags a tire. Sterling Shepherd runs stairs. LeVeon Bell does pull-ups. But when its Khalil Mack's turn he makes them look like it's their first day in the gym. Khalil Mack is shown dead lifting, cleaning, and toppling pillars where he appears to showcase his super human strength. If I was the other players featured in this video I would be upset that my routine looked so pedestrian in comparison.

Khalil Mack is a beast, thats all I wanted to say. Now at least commercials show the NFL world what Raiders fans already know; Mack is a man of supernatural strength. Next time I doubt any stars agree to be in a work-out commercial with him.