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Someone simmed replacing Derek Carr on Raiders with Matt Stafford and turned them into a .500 team

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Of all the teams in this simulation, none were more negatively impacted than the Raiders.

It’s deep into the offseason so bloggers have a bit more free time on their hands. One such blogger for SB Nation Lions Blog, Pride of Detroit. The idea was that they simulated putting Lions QB Matt Stafford on each of the 32 NFL teams to see what the results would be. For the Raiders, it was not good.

Last season the Raiders finished 12-4 and all indications were had Derek Carr not been injured, they may very well have gone 13-3 and been the AFC’s number two seed.

Pride of Detroit (one of the best names of any SB Nation site, by the way) used Madden 2017 to recreate the 2016 season for the Raiders with Matt Stafford in for the whole season and the result was the Raiders went 8-8.

That’s a 4-game tumble and no playoff appearance. No other team had a greater loss in win total than the Raiders in their simulations.

The interesting part is somehow they don’t think the loss of wins was Stafford’s fault. In their simulation, with none of the running backs averaging more than 3.4 yards per carry.

That is quite strange considering last season running behind arguably the best offensive line in football the Raiders had the league’s 6th ranked rushing attack, with the team averaging 4.4 yards per carry led by the trio of Latavius Murray (4.0 ypc), Jalen Richard (5.9 ypc), and DeAndre Washington (5.4 ypc).

In the simulation with Stafford, the duo of Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree both caught over 90 passes for over 1000 yards. Last season they caught 83 and 89 passes respectively with both surpassing the 1000-yard mark. So, not much different there.

Really it comes down to all the come-from-behind wins and game-winning drives orchestrated by Derek Carr last season. In case you needed any more proof of just how valuable he was to the Raiders last season.