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Watch: Marshawn Lynch sand training for Raiders camp next month

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The 31-year-old back hit the beach during his offseason. But not in the way you might have thought.

There are a lot of ways NFL players choose to prepare their bodies for the rigors of the NFL. Marshawn Lynch is getting himself back into football shape after a year off for a temporary retirement. One thing he’s doing to get himself ready for training camp -- which starts in exactly a month — is sand training.

If that looks difficult to you, it’s because it is. Running backs do similar drills on turf. But if you can do it in sand, doing it on turf is a breeze. Plus, you figure the Raiders will be playing at least one game this season on the A’s dirt infield at the coliseum, so Marshawn has to be prepared for that.

Well, if you were wondering whether Beast Mode would be spending his offseason break on a sandy beach somewhere, you have your answer. Though it’s not exactly the kind of relaxing beach experience you might normally expect.