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Gabe Jackson’s reported extension makes him NFL’s third highest paid guard, Raiders highest paid interior offensive line

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The Raiders have now sunk major money into their interior offensive line.

The numbers are coming in on Gabe Jackson’s new deal with the Raiders, and they are impressive. According to multiple reports, Jackson has signed with the Raiders on a 5-year, $56 million extension which keeps him a Raider until 2022.

That deal pays him an average of $11.2 million per season, which was richer than many expected, even for a player as deserving as Jackson.

While it doesn’t make him the highest paid at his position the way Carr’s deal did, it makes him the third highest paid guard in the league and the second highest paid right guard.

The only players ahead of him are Browns right guard Kevin Zeitler at $12 million per season and his teammate Kelechi Osemele at $11.7 million.

Osemele signed last offseason and at the time of his signing he was the league’s highest paid guard by a wide margin. His big payday set a new baseline for guards. Before him the highest paid guard was Mike Iupati at $8 million. Now Iupati is barely in the top ten.

The duo of Osemele and Jackson are now easily the highest paid guard tandem in the league at an average of $22.9 million per season combined. They earned it last season by not giving up a sack between them -- they were the only guard tandem in the NFL to do that — and being the driving force in the Raiders finishing with the league’s sixth most rushing yards in their first season together.

Add Rodney Hudson’s $9 million per season -- which made him the league’s highest paid center at the time -- and there is no question how much value this team puts in their offensive line play.