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Reggie Wayne thinks Marshawn Lynch ‘should rush for 1200 yards if not lead the league in rushing’ in 2017 for Raiders

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Reggie Wayne on NFL Total Access makes a bold prediction. What’s yours?

The hype on Marshawn Lynch in Oakland has been through the roof since he came out of retirement to play for his hometown Raiders. It didn’t come back to earth on NFL Total Access Thursday.

The question posed was ‘What has pleasantly surprised the Raiders about Marshawn Lynch.

Derek Carr’s brother David went first, saying that it has been Lynch’s level of dedication. Citing first of all that the veteran running back was present at OTA’s which he never was in Seattle and that he was excited and going hard in those practices.

I can tell you from watching OTA’s, that there may be some liberties being used in David Carr’s description considering Lynch was relegated to watching from the side for most of OTA’s, but he was indeed present throughout and picked up how much he participated as practices went on.

Then Reggie Wayne made his prediction. And it was a bold one. He said that he would be surprised if Lynch DID NOT run for at least 1200 yards. Citing several reasons for his line of thinking.

“This is the best offensive line that he’s had in his NFL career,” Wayne said of Lynch. “He’s playing for his hometown team, where he grew up, so he’s motivated there, he’s two years rested, fresh legs, I mean, he should rush for 1200 yards if not lead the league in rushing this year. This is Marshawn, this is Beast Mode.”

There are high expectations for Lynch, to be certain. Running for 1200 yards isn’t out of the question. Now, leading the league in rushing, on the other hand, is a real wow statement. Even with fresh legs, he is still 31 years of age. Again, anything is possible, but how likely is another question entirely.


How many rushing yards do you think Marshawn Lynch will have this season?

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