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Cap expert expects Derek Carr to become NFL’s highest paid player, Khalil Mack highest paid non-QB

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The day of reckoning for re-signing some of the players the Raiders’ outstanding 2014 draft class are upon us. First up is Derek Carr, who, as a second round pick, is entering the final year of his rookie contract.

As the Raiders have done with several other players, they would like to get an extension in place to avoid having to negotiate on a new contract at the wire next offseason.

That’s exactly what would happen too, because Carr has said he won’t talk contract after camp starts. NFL cap expert Joel Corry appeared on Sports 810 podcast where he discussed it.

“Smart move by him to put a clock on it,” said Corry. “ The only time things really get done in the NFL is if there’s a deadline. They’re not gonna have any choice but to pay him. I expect him to be the first $25 million quarterback.”

Getting Carr’s contract done this offseason could also ultimately save the Raiders money, because there will soon be some other big name quarterbacks whose contracts will leapfrog even Carr’s new deal.

“He’ll have a short-lived reign as the NFL’s highest paid player,” Corry continued, “because Matthew Stafford will probably get an extension done sometime before next year because it will be $26.4 million to franchise him and he will take over as the highest paid quarterback for a short period of time before either Matt Ryan or Aaron Rodgers get it next year.”

Also in the works for the Raiders this offseason is the contract of 2014 round three pick guard Gabe Jackson. His deal figures to be among the highest paid guards, though isn’t expected to set any position records. A deal at $9 million per season would put him top five among guards.

Then there’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Khalil Mack. The Raiders have some wiggle room for now with regard to his contract. As a first round pick, the team can exercise the fifth year option on his rookie contract and revisit it next year, still with a one-year cushion, and avoid doling out two monster extensions in one offseason.

But make no mistake, that extension will be a monster one, for a monster player.

“Highest paid non-quarterback,” Corry said of Mack’s expected extension. “The first $20 million player who isn’t a quarterback.”

Keeping big time drafted players isn’t cheap. But it’s proven to be worth it.