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New York Jets embrace tank warfare, release LB Harris and WR Decker

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The Jets are trying really hard to be the worst team in football.

Today the New York Jets announced they are setting themselves on fire to protest the oppression of the New England Patriots in the AFC East. First there came the announcement that they were cutting longtime middle linebacker David Harris:

and then later on this afternoon came reports that veteran wide receiver Eric Decker is being cut:

Here is a live image of Jets headquarters in New Jersey:

And here's a preview of the New York Jets' 2017 season:

Now, the Jets have seldom acted with any sort of thoughtfulness or logic, but this series of moves would lead a casual observer to conclude that the Jets have already given up on the 2017 campaign and are trying to get the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, most likely to land one of the top quarterbacks available. Sam Darnold of USC or his crosstown rival Josh Rosen of UCLA would seem the likely targets. But this leads me to believe the Jets will draft a tight end.

The silver lining here for the Raider Nation is twofold. Firstly, another middle linebacker has just come available. Not that David Harris would come cheaply- initial reports were that he wanted more money than the Jets were willing to pay, especially with Darron Lee as a proimising second-year player. But perhaps on a one-year deal, Harris would make sense for Oakland and would give Marquel Lee time to develop. PFF rates Harris as an excellent coverage linebacker.

Furthermore, Eric Decker has been a thorn in Oakland's side since he was drafted by the Broncos out of Minnesota in 2010. If the Raiders aren't interested in signing him as a potential slot guy, hopefully some other team we don't play will sign him so we never have to see him again.

The other part of the silver lining for the Raiders is that they play the Jets at home in Week 2 on Sunday, September 17. The release of these two players would seem to bode well for a dominant Raiders victory.

So what do you think, Nation? Should Oakland look to pick up the Jets' sloppy seconds?